Creating a declaration by copying an earlier declaration

When you start filling in a customs declaration for a postal consignment, select " +New declaration". Do not copy a previous declaration or use a declartion template.

You can use an earlier declaration to create a draft that you can supplement and amend into a new declaration. On the declaration list in the “Finished” tab, open the declaration you want to use for a draft. When the “Summary and submission” page opens, click “Copy” at the bottom of the page. 

This opens a pop-up window with the question “Creation of new template?”. When you want to use this copy as a new draft, click “Cancel”. 

The service creates a draft. At the top of the page you can see when the draft was created.

The declaration details are copied to the new draft declaration. An exception to this is the trader reference, which is a declaration-specific detail and must always be provided separately in each declaration. 

Check all the details carefully. Edit the draft as appropriate, especially previous document, identification of warehouse, quantity of the goods and container numbers, if any.