Creating a template 

You can create your own templates that you can use when lodging new declarations. On the list in the “Finished” tab, open the declaration you want to use for a template and when the “Summary and submission” page opens, click “Copy” at the bottom of the page.

When you want to create a template, click “OK” in the pop-up window that opens. 

Go back to the “Summary and submission” page of the declaration. Click “Save as template” at the bottom of the page

Name the template by entering the desired name in the field “Template name” and click “Save”.

You can find the template ion the list in the “My templates” tab. From the list, you can select a template for lodging a new declaration and edit it as appropriate. When you select a template, the “Summary and submission” page opens. 

Another way to create a template is to fill in the details in for the template from the beginning. On the front page, click “+New declaration”. Please note! Don’t use the shortcuts. When you have answered all the questions on the view “Choose the type of a new declaration”, you can tick the box “Create as a template” under the “Customs declaration” button shown at the bottom of the view. Fill in the necessary details in the template that opens and move to the “Summary and submission” page. Click “Save changes”, enter the name of the template and click “Save”. Then you can retrieve the template you just created as a template for a new declaration.