See the general instructions concerning declaration lists in the instructions on the front page. See in “Summary and submission” how you can create a draft using an earlier declaration.

Creating and saving a draft 

In the “Drafts” tab, you can see the declarations that you have started completing but that you haven’t sent to Customs yet. When you edit a declaration or create a new declaration, the system will automatically save the entered details as a draft. 

The information about a created draft is shown at the top of the page above the declaration details.

Image of the data panel where you can see the declaration type, when the draft was created, as well as the declarant’s Business ID and MRN, if any

You can save a declaration draft by clicking “Close”. The draft will also be saved if you move from the declaration to the front page by clicking the Customs logo.

Image of the window that will open when you close the declaration. If you want to save this unfinished declaration as a new draft, click “OK”, otherwise click “Cancel”.  

Continue with a draft

Retrieve the draft through filtering. Choose the desired declaration row from the list and fill in the missing details in the declaration. 

Image of the tab “Drafts”. Declarations can be filtered by Trader reference, Declaration, Additional declaration type, Procedure, Declarant, Warehouse and Last change.

If you want to delete a draft, open it from the “Drafts” list and click “Delete draft”.