Front page of the service

When you have logged in to the service, the front page of the customs clearance service opens. You can start a new declaration by clicking “+New declaration”. The page also has the tabs “Drafts”, “In progress”, “Finished” and “My templates”, listing the declarations you have created earlier. The default view on the front page displays a list of the declarations in progress. You can also search for declarations by clicking the tab “Advanced search”.

Image of the declaration lists on the front page: Drafts, In progress, Finished, My templates and Advanced Search.

Language, user and pop-up notifications

The service can be used in Finnish (FI), Swedish (SV) and English (EN).
You can change the language as appropriate.

Image of the top menu of the user interface with the language alternatives. 

The top menu of the user interface displays the name of the person authenticated in the service and the name of the company that the person represents. When a declaration is being completed, the system will send notifications to the user via pop-up windows. The number of notifications is displayed in the pop-up notification icon. You can view the contents of the pop-up windows by clicking the pop-up notification icon.

Image of the top menu of the user interface, with the last columns showing the user’s name, the settings menu icon (a cog), the pop-up notification icon (a bell) as well as the Log out button. 

In the image, there are two info texts about the progress of the declaration. The pop-up window texts can be closed by clicking the cross.

Image of notifications displayed in pop-up windows.

Returning to the front page

You can always return to the front page of the service by clicking the Customs logo in the top menu on the page.

Notices and help

From the front page of the service you can also move to “Notices” and “Help and documentation”. “Notices” contain the current notices concerning the use of the service. By clicking “Help and documentation” you’ll get to the help page of the service.

Browsing declaration lists

At the bottom of the front page, you can see the total number of pages. You can move between the different pages of the lists using the arrow buttons. You can also move to a certain page by entering the number of the page in the number field. This information, the navigation arrows and the refresh page icon are displayed at the bottom of each page. 

You can edit the number of rows displayed in the lists by clicking “Settings” in the top menu of the front page.