My templates

See the general instructions concerning declaration lists in the instructions on the front page. 

By selecting the “My templates” tab you can see the finished templates created in your company’s name. 

When you have selected the “My templates” tab, the declarations are displayed as a list, one below the other. The list contains the following details: template name, declaration, additional declaration type, procedure, declarant, warehouse and last change.

Retrieve the template you want to use, e.g. through filtering, and select a declaration from the list. By selecting a declaration you will move to the “Summary and submission” page of the declaration.
You can use a template as such for a new declaration by clicking “Use template”. 

You can edit the template you have opened by clicking “Edit template”. If you edit the template, you can save the changes in the template by first clicking “Save changes”. This will open a separate “Save” page where you can also rename your template.  

Image of the “Summary and submission” page. The user sees the buttons “Use template”, “Edit template” and “Remove template”.

You can also delete your templates. By clicking “Cancel” you will return to the previous view.

By clicking “Close” on the declaration page “Summary and submission” you can return to the “My templates” list.

On the “Summary and submission” page, you will find the instructions for creating a new template.