Lodging and payment of an individual guarantee

You can lodge a guarantee with Customs for your customs and tax debt. You may have to pay an individual guarantee e.g.
•    for quota clearances 
•    when you declare your removal goods in advance
•    when the goods are moved from their location for control.

Customs will release the guarantee to you, when there are no longer any grounds for reserving the guarantee.

On the “Summary” page of the declaration you can see the amount of taxes to be levied. When you click on “Submit”, the amount of guarantee required will be displayed on the page.

When you click on “Establish guarantee”, the guarantee reference number (GRN) will be generated in the declaration.

Click on “Send guarantee details” and, on the page that opens, provide the BIC as well as the number of the account to which the guarantee shall be returned. By clicking on “Next” at the bottom of the page, you will move to the “Summary” page where you indicate for what purpose the individual guarantee can be used. By clicking on “Proceed to pay”, you will move to the payment service and can pay the guarantee amount to Customs.

When you have paid the guarantee, you can close the tab/window and return to the “Summary” page of the declaration in the Customs Clearance Service, where you can see a notification of whether the guarantee was successfully reserved.