Submitting the declaration

When you have completed all the mandatory details in the declaration, you proceed to the “Summary and submission” page. If any mandatory details are missing, you won’t be able to submit the declaration. In such case, the “Submit” button is grey. If you open the page “Parties”, “Declaration header” or “Goods items”, and the details need to be supplemented, the vertical bar in front of the page name in the main navigation becomes red. The fields for details that need to be supplemented are highlighted in red, and below each field there is a red text explaining which details are missing from the declaration. Once you have completed all the mandatory details, you can check the declaration details in the summary and submit the declaration by clicking “Submit” at the bottom right corner of the page.

Processing of the declaration

When you have submitted the declaration, you see a page with the case identification assigned to the declaration by Customs. If the declaration is accepted, you will, in a moment, also see the MRN assigned to the declaration by Customs. 

Image of the situation where the declaration has been sent. The image shows the case identification created by Customs, the MRN and the declaration state.

If your declaration contains details that Customs' system finds incorrect, your declaration will be rejected. In such case, instead of an MRN, you will receive a notification that the state of the declaration is “Rejected”. 

When the declaration has been accepted and it has been assigned an MRN, you can pay for the clearance.