Goods items


Image of the view “Goods items”. In the image, there are the buttons “+Add goods item” and “Remove selected”. On the view “Goods items”, there are the filters “Goods item”, “Commodity code”, Description”, “Packages”, “Statistical value” and “Gross mass”. Under the filters, there are the goods item rows.


On the page “Goods items”, the list of the goods items is displayed. You can add a goods item by clicking “+Add goods item”. The service automatically creates the first goods item. You can provide goods item details by clicking “Goods item 1” in the side navigation menu or by ticking the box in front of the goods item on the list.

When you have entered the details of the first goods item, you can add another goods item by clicking “+Add goods item” at the bottom of the page. The service will create another goods item in the declaration, and you can provide its details.

If you have added a goods item by mistake, you can remove it by ticking the box next to the goods item number and clicking the button “Remove selected”.