Front page of the service: functions

After logging in you’ll see the front page with the default view of the list of declarations in progress.

Image of the function Drafts, In progress, Finished, My templates, Advanced Search and New declaration.


The service can be used in Finnish, Swedish and English. You may change the language as appropriate.

Returning to the front page

By clicking the Customs logo in the top left corner of the page, you can always return to the front page of the service.

Notices and help

In the top right corner of the front page you’ll also find ‘Notices’ and ‘Help and documentation’.

‘Notices’ contain the current notices concerning the use of the system.

By clicking ‘Help and documentation’ you’ll get to the help page of the system.

Declaration lists and declaration search

From the front page you can move to other declaration lists, to the search page or to creating a new declaration. For more information, see the instructions concerning these pages.

Image of the declaration list on the front page: Drafts, In progress, Finished, My templates and Advanced Search.

New declaration

You can create a new declaration by clicking + New declaration on the front page.


Page management

At the bottom of the front page, you can see page management, which divides the contents of

You can also move to another page by entering the number of the page in the field for current page. The arrows for basic navigation, the page update button and the total number of pages are shown at the bottom of each list.

You can edit the number of rows shown by clicking ‘Settings’ in the top right corner of the front page. You get to the settings by clicking the cog icon in the top right corner, and you can log out of the system by clicking the yellow ‘Log out’ button. Read more about the settings in the instructions concerning the page.