Lodge a new declaration

You can lodge a customs declaration in four different ways:

  • by lodging an entirely new declaration

  • by using a template (see the instructions on the pages ‘My templates’ and ‘Summary and submission’)

  • by continuing to complete a declaration saved as a draft (see the instructions on the page ‘Drafts’)

  • by copying the data of an old declaration as a draft.

New declaration


You can create a new declaration by clicking ‘+ New declaration’ on the front page. This will open the page ‘Choose the type of a new declaration’.


New declaration: Image of the view where the user has clicked "New declaration". In customs warehousing, there are three alternatives: "Customs declaration", "Presentation notification" and "Discharge notification".

Choose one of the following as appropriate:

Standard customs declaration

If you are lodging a customs warehousing declaration concerning your own warehouse or another authorisation holder’s warehouse, choose the standard declaration. You can lodge the declaration

  • when the goods arrive in Finland or at your warehouse, i.e. upon presentation, or
  • in advance, no more than 30 days prior to the arrival of goods, if you know the MRN of the previous document.

Presentation notification

If you are an EIR authorisation holder and you have made an entry in the records concerning the goods that have arrived at the warehouse, choose the presentation notification. 

Discharge notification

If you are a customs warehousing authorisation holder or represent one, use this notification to notify which customs warehousing declarations have been discharged e.g. with import clearance, transit or re-export. A discharge notification doesn’t discharge the customs warehousing procedure. Instead, it is an informative listing of one or more customs warehousing declarations.