Summary and submission

When you have provided the guarantee details, you can click on “Next” and you will move to “Summary and submission” in the transit declaration.

When you have filled in all the required details in the declaration and clicked on “Next” after filling in the guarantee details, you move to “Summary and submission”. It is displayed as the first section in the side navigation. If you have copied a finished declaration as a template for a new one, the page “Summary and submission” is immediately displayed.

Under “Summary and submission”, you can view the summary of the declaration and submit the declaration. Please note that if any mandatory details are missing, you will not be able to submit the declaration. 

If your declaration contains details that the service finds incorrect, your declaration will be rejected. In such case, instead of an MRN, you will receive a notification that your declaration has been rejected. 

You can also view the “Summary and submission” page for the declarations you have already submitted. You can find all the declarations you have submitted on the front page of the service, in the tabs “In progress” or “Finished”. 

Under “Guarantee summary”, you can see the guarantee itemisation and the declared guarantees. Under “Declaration data summary”, you can see the following: “Parties”, “Declaration header”, “House consignments” and “Transport information”. You can open and close them by clicking on the arrow. 

For more instructions see the section "Summary and submission".