Declaration lists: In progress

See the general instructions concerning declaration lists in "Declaration lists".


The declarations shown on the ‘In progress’ list are declarations that require measures either

from the submitter of the declaration or from a customs officer. The declarations have been

submitted, but the goods haven’t been released for the procedure.

This means that each declaration shown on the ‘In progress’ list is in one of the following states:

sent, accepted, registered, rejected, waiting for response, amendment sent or amendment


If you click a declaration row, the system opens the ‘Summary and submission’ page of the

declaration in question.

A red triangle on the declaration list shows that the declaration requires measures from you,

e.g. a response to a request for additional information sent by Customs.

Declaration lists: In progress. Image of a request for measures sent by Customs. In the column "State", there is a red triangle with an exclamation mark inside it, and the state is "waiting for response".

The document icon on the right edge of the declaration shows that there is a document related

to the declaration. When you click this icon, the document opens in a new tab.