Amending a transit declaration

A declaration can be amended at different stages:

  • before submitting the declaration
  • if the declaration has been rejected
  • if the declaration has been registered or accepted but the goods have not yet been released for the procedure.

Amending a declaration before submitting it

If any mandatory declaration details are missing, you will not be able to submit the declaration. The service will display the validation errors that need to be amended. Clicking on the link to the detail that needs to be amended will take you to the declaration page where the error is. 

If you want to supplement the missing details later, you will find your declaration on the list in the tab “Drafts” on the front page.

Amending a rejected declaration

If Customs rejects the declaration you have submitted, you will see the message “Declaration has been rejected”. Amend the errors specified by the service and submit the declaration again.

If you want to amend your rejected declaration later, you will find it in the “In progress” tab on the front page.

Amending a registered or accepted declaration 

You can amend a declaration that has been registered or accepted but where the goods have not yet been released for the procedure. You can edit some details. However, you cannot amend the details of the declarant or representative under “Parties” or whether safety and security data are provided with the declaration. 

To amend the declaration, choose the declaration from the “In progress” list and click on “Amend” under “Summary and submission”. 

The declaration cannot be amended if Customs has notified you of goods control. 

If Customs has requested an additional document in connection with an additional information request, provide the additional document in your response message to the request. You can also provide the document by clicking on “Contact Customs” on the front page of the service. You can upload an attachment to the declaration by clicking on “+Add” and then selecting “Upload file”. The supported attachment file types are PDF, JPG, PNG and TIF. The maximum attachment size is 5 MB.

When the goods you have declared have been released for the procedure, you can no longer amend the declaration.