Invalidation request

You can request invalidation of a declaration e.g. if you notice that you have lodged two separate declarations for the same goods. In the Customs Clearance Service, you can only request invalidation of a declaration that has been lodged in the Customs Clearance Service. 

Making an invalidation request

You can make an invalidation request in two ways: 

  • Click on “Contact Customs” on the front page of the service. Provide the MRN of the customs declaration and move away from the field “MRN”. Click on “Search” and then click on “Invalidation”.  
  • If you have lodged the declaration in the Customs Clearance Service, you also can choose the declaration you wish to invalidate on the declaration list on the front page of the service. Open the declaration and click on “Invalidation request” on the page “Summary and submission”.  

The view “Invalidation request” opens. Under “Trader reference” enter the reference number you wish to use for the invalidation request.

Under “Reason for invalidation”, choose one of the following reasons from the drop-down menu:

  • A – Goods placed under another customs procedure
  • D – Duplicate declaration
  • E – The placing of goods under a customs procedure is not possible due to special circumstances
  • M – Other errors observed by declarant
  • U – Union goods declared
  • V – Erroneous declaration data, e.g. wrong declarant.

Provide the MRN of the replacement customs declaration or some other reference, if the reason you chose requires it. If you have lodged two declarations for the same goods, provide under “Replacing MRN or other reference” the declaration that will remain valid.

Under “Reasons”, you can write free-form text about the invalidation you are requesting. If you have an attachment to support the invalidation request, upload it. In that case, separate reasons do not necessarily need to be provided.

Cancelling an invalidation request 

If you have submitted an invalidation request and notice that the request is unnecessary or made on false grounds, you can request cancellation of the invalidation. This is possible only if no decision concerning the request has been made yet.

Request cancellation of invalidation by clicking on “Contact Customs”. Provide the MRN of the transit declaration whose invalidation request you want to cancel. Search for the declaration and choose “Other reason”. 

Alternatively, you can first open the declaration. In that case, choose “Messages” in the navigation on the left and then click on “+ Contact request”.