You get to the user settings by clicking on the cog icon for settings in the top menu on the front page.

In the user settings, you can edit the following details:

  • service provider role
  • message settings
  • default values
  • number of rows for lists
  • other settings

When you log in for the first time, complete and edit your user settings. In the settings, enter the email address to which notifications shall be sent when your declaration requires measures. The information saved in the user settings will be displayed automatically in the declarations. You can also edit the user settings later.

By clicking on “Continue” you’ll save the edited details and return to the front page. If you click on “Close”, the edited details will not be saved and you’ll return to the front page.

Message settings

If you wish to receive email notifications of messages sent by Customs concerning declarations, enter your email address in the field “Email address for notifications” and tick the box “Receive email notification about new messages”.

Default values

In the settings, you can edit the following default values displayed in the declaration: contact person’s phone number, contact person’s email address, transaction language and trader office code. The default values are always used when you start a new declaration.

Number of rows for lists

You can choose the number of rows you wish to see on a list. The default is 10 rows for declaration lists and 5 rows for other lists.

Other settings

The default setting is that the Tab key will open the tooltips for each field. You can change this setting, if you want the Tab key to skip the tooltips and take you directly to the next field. You can change the setting under “Other settings” by unticking the box next to the text “Move to the tooltips by using the keyboard…”.

The service will automatically fill in the additional information code “FIPDF” in declarations. This means that the service generates a PDF document in the prescribed form, and you can retrieve it later from the e-service. Tick the box “I don’t need documents in PDF format” if you don’t need e.g. a decision on release to be presented to the transport company or the warehouse keeper.

A PDF document will be automatically generated from a transit declaration without the additional information code “FIPDF”. Even if you tick the box “I don’t need documents in PDF format” the PDF documents will still be generated