Functions for storage operator

The “Functions for storage operator” view shows a list of declarations listing the storage facility of the authorisation holder for temporary storage. The authorisation holder can also separately search declarations relating to storage facilities listed in the authorisation. The declarations contain information from Customs to the storage operator that Customs has received on declarations from operators.

The declarations can be the following:

  • Storage release notification
    • The list contains customs declarations that follow storage, under which the goods were released for a customs procedure.
  • Storage movement permit
    • The list contains customs declarations that follow storage, on which Customs has granted authorisations for moving goods from storage, for example for inspection at a location approved by Customs.
  • TSD information
    • If the temporary storage operator is a message declarant, goods presented for storage in the authorisation holder’s facility can be searched from the list. The authorisation holder can only access declarations where they are not the declarant or representative for the original temporary storage.
    • From this declaration, you can provide the unloading report relating to the item directly, indicating the difference between the declared and unloaded goods. The unloading report will then contain some of the information in ready format.
    • Note that declarations on goods arriving for temporary storage are visible in the list only after you have once searched a declaration. 


Searching declarations

You can access declarations by first selecting “Functions for storage operator” on the frontpage of the Customs Clearance Service.

You can search declarations by entering the MRN of a declaration in the search field. When you click on “Search”, the declaration you searched will appear in a new window.
You can also apply for declarations by filtering them through various data fields, for example based on warehouse IDs and declarants. You can access a declaration by selecting the row of the required declaration in the list.

List of notifications under “Functions for storage operator”, including filter field and MRN search field.


Submitting an unloading report directly from a declaration on goods arriving for temporary storage 

You can also easily submit an unloading report directly from a TSD information declaration.

Select or search the declaration for which you are submitting an unloading report. The declaration details will appear in a new window. You can move to submitting your unloading report by clicking “Submit unloading report”.

Some of the declaration details are filled in automatically. Enter the other required information. See detailed information on completing an unloading report under “Unloading report for temporary storage”.

The notification “TSD information” opened via the page “Functions for storage operator”. The button “Submit unloading report”.