Temporary storage declarations

Temporary storage declarations can be submitted for the following goods:

  • Pre-lodged temporary storage declaration
    • You can submit a declaration 30 days prior to presentation of the goods to Customs. 
  • Temporary storage declaration and presentation notification
    • You can submit this declaration when your goods have arrived in Finland and are available for customs control.

The transport company is usually responsible for lodging the declaration. If goods that were not included in the temporary storage declaration submitted by the transport company arrive at the storage facility, the temporary storage operator is responsible for submitting the declaration.

When the declaration is approved and receives an MRN, the declaration that follows temporary storage can be submitted in advance, and it will remain waiting for the presentation of goods to Customs.

Sections of a temporary storage declaration

A temporary storage declaration consists of three sections:

  • ”Operators”, indicating operator details for the entire declaration
  • “Consignment to undergo customs clearance”, where you provide details for the entire declaration with regard to, for example, transport and location.
  • “Transport documents” which in turn comprises three sections:
    •  “Operators”, indicating the operator details in the transport document
    • “Item to be cleared”, indicating the basic information and transport details in the transport document 
    • “Goods item data”, indicating the basic information on the item, such as customs status.