Unloading report for temporary storage

A temporary storage authorisation holder must submit an unloading report when goods are unloaded in a temporary warehouse, and the personnel present notices that the goods do not correspond with the information on the goods provided on the declaration. 

The unloading report is submitted concerning details in one or more house-level transport documents where anomalies are found. In the unloading report, you should provide all house-level transport document details. In other words, in addition to the information to be corrected, enter also the information that match with the original temporary storage declaration. A missing consignment cannot be indicated in the unloading report, as the number of goods cannot be zero (0). If a consignment has not arrived at all, you should request invalidation for the entire original declaration, the (house) transport document, or consignment.

You can also submit an unloading report directly from a TSD information declaration. TSD information declarations are available to the warehouse operator only for goods on which the operator has not personally submitted temporary storage declarations. You can retrieve a declaration when, on the frontpage of the Customs Clearance Service, you select “Functions for storage operator” (see section “Functions for storage operator” in these instructions). If you submit the unloading report in this way, some information appears automatically in the report.

Sections of a temporary storage declaration

A temporary storage declaration consists of three sections:

  • “Parties”, where you indicate the ID of the warehouse where the goods were unloaded, as well as the details of any possible representative.
  • “Consignment to undergo customs clearance”, where you provide details for the entire declaration with regard to, for example, transport and location.
  • “Transport documents” which in turn comprises two sections:
    • “Item to be cleared”, indicating the basic information and transport details in the transport document
    • “Goods item data”, indicating the basic information on the item.