Presentation notification

You can submit a presentation notification when your goods have arrived in Finland and are available for customs control. If you have submitted a combined temporary storage declaration and presentation notification, you do not need to submit a separate presentation notification.

A presentation notification is required for goods transported between the Åland Islands and the rest of Finland only when you have not submitted a national tax border declaration. A presentation notification is not required for postal consignments. A presentation notification on goods transported to the Åland Islands from another EU member state is submitted when a tax border declaration has not been provided, or when one has been provided in advance (D declaration). A presentation notification is not required for postal consignments.

Goods can also be presented directly using a temporary storage declaration submitted in advance. This means that, when a temporary storage declaration is registered, you can select the icon for presentation of goods on the summary and submission display. Some of the information in the advance declaration are then entered automatically.

For general instructions on completing a declaration, see the section “General information about completing a declaration”.

Sections of a presentation notification

A presentation notification consists of three sections:

  • ”Operators”, indicating operator details for the entire declaration
  • “Consignment to undergo customs clearance”, where details for the entire declaration are provided with regard to, for example, transport and location.
  • “Presented consignments”, indicating the reference number details of the consignments to be presented.

Each section of the declaration is displayed separately in the service. You can move to the different sections of the declaration by clicking on the relevant button in the side navigation.