Goods items

Under ‘Details of goods item’, enter the details of one goods item.

  • Goods item gross mass
  • Packages
  • Previous documents: type, reference and item number.


Goods item gross mass

The gross mass is the weight of the goods including packaging, without the means of transport or containers.


Enter ‘Kind of packages’. When you click the ‘Kind of packages’ field, a drop-down menu of the different kinds of packages opens. You can browse the alternatives and choose the appropriate one. You can also start typing the name of the kind of packages in the field. After typing a couple of characters, you’ll only see the alternatives where these characters are a part of the code or the name of the kind of packages. Entering the number of packages is optional.


Previous documents

Choose previous document type. If the previous document is e.g. an entry declaration, the document type is either 337, temporary storage declaration, or 355, entry summary declaration. Enter also the MRN of the previous declaration under ‘Reference’ and the goods item number. If the document for the previous procedure is a transit declaration, you don’t need to complete the ‘Item number’ field. In the example, the previous document type is 821, T transit, and the reference is the transit MRN.

When you have entered the details of the first goods item, you can add another goods item by clicking ‘+Add goods item’ at the bottom of the page. The system creates another goods item and you can enter the details.

If you have opened the details of an additional goods item by mistake, you can remove the goods item in the list of goods items. You’ll get to the list by clicking ‘Show list of goods items’ at the bottom of the page.


When you have entered all the goods items click ‘Next’ and you’ll proceed to ‘Summary and submission’. See instructions on the functions of ‘Summary and submission’ pages.