General about declaring details of the parties

In the ‘Parties’ view, you will enter the customs warehousing declaration parties. On this page, it is possible to enter:

  • the contact person 
  • the declarant 
  • the representative 
  • authorisation details 
  • transaction language, i.e. the language in which you want to receive the responses and decisions (Finnish, Swedish or English)

Contact person

Enter your own name and your other information here. If you tick the box ‘Use the details of the authenticated trader’ in the contact person details, your name will be shown based on the authentication. The email address and phone number will be fetched from the information you saved on the ‘Settings’ tab. 


The declarant is responsible for the customs warehousing procedure and the validity of the declaration. If you are responsible for the customs procedure, tich the box "Use the details of the authenticated trader" in the declaration details. The trader office number of your company is only shown automatically if you have provided it in the user settings. The address details will then be shown according to the trader office data.

If you are completing the declaration as a representative, enter the declarant’s identification number, i.e. the company’s EORI number. When you use ‘000’ as the trader identification number and click ‘Fetch trader data’, the system will fetch the trader’s name and address data according to the EORI number. For Finnish companies the address data according to the EORI number is the address data according to the BIS.


Authorisation details

Enter both the customs warehousing authorisation number and the EIR authorisation number. The system will automatically fetch the Authorisation type and Holder ID, when you click outside the field. Enter the EIR authorisation number in the next row.



If you are the declarant responsible for the procedure, leave the representative details empty.

If you are lodging the declaration as a representative on someone else’s behalf, click ‘+Add representative’. The details of the representative can also be fetched automatically to the user interface based directly on the authentication. If you are completing the declaration as a representative, enter your company’s EORI number and ‘000’ as identification number. All the declaration data and the decisions will then show the address details according to your EORI number. If you want other address details to be shown in the declaration details, use the trader office identifier issued by Customs that you wish to use.

In presentation notifications, the representation status is in practice always direct representation S.

If you have unnecessarily added a trader, e.g. under ‘Representative’, remove this data group entirely by clicking ‘Remove representative’. Empty data fields would later prevent the acceptance of the declaration.


When you have entered all trader details, click ‘Next’, and you will be moved to the declaration header details, which are common to the whole declaration.