Declaration header details

Under ‘Declaration header’, you shall enter details that are common to the whole declaration.

  • Reference number and additional reference number
  • Total gross mass
  • Transaction language, i.e. the language in which you want to receive the responses and decisions (Finnish, Swedish or English)
  • Location of goods at the time of presentation
  •  Possible additional information
  • Container ID


The trader reference number specifies the customs declaration and is issued by the declarant. It can be e.g. the customs warehouse deposit number. You can also enter another reference under ‘Additional trader reference number’. 

Total gross mass is the total weight of the entire consignment in kilograms. The gross mass is the weight of the goods including packaging, without the means of transport or containers.

Location of goods at the time of presentation

Here you shall provide information on the location of the goods at the time of presentation, i.e. the location where Customs can control the goods. In a presentation notification, you can only provide the identification of a warehouse indicated in the EIR authorisation. The warehouse ID consists of the authorisation holder’s EORI number, the three-digit office code of the warehouse address and the two-digit warehouse location code. The warehouse ID is written without spaces.


If the goods are in containers, enter the container IDs. You can add a container by clicking ‘+Add container’. If the goods are in two containers, you can add another container by clicking ‘+Add’ again.

When you have entered the ‘Declaration header’ details, move forward to ‘Goods items’ by clicking ‘Next’.