Under “Messages”, you can read and respond to messages sent by Customs. You can also send messages to Customs about your declarations by clicking on “+ Contact request”.

Contact request

After clicking on “+ Contact request”, you can choose the reason for contact from the drop-down menu. It can be e.g. a bill of discharge concerning a declaration lodged for a special procedure. You can provide the details required for a bill of discharge in the “Text” field as free-form text. In addition to the free-form text, an attachment is usually required. You can upload an attachment by clicking on “+ Add new attachments”. 


If you have received messages from Customs, you can see this on the list of declarations “In progress” on the front page of the service. If a message is unread, a red triangle is displayed in the “Declaration state” column of the declaration. Reminders of any unread messages are also displayed in red font on the “Summary and submission” page of the declaration.

A message from Customs may be e.g. an additional information request. The request is specified in the “Contents of message” field and it usually involves a time limit. To respond to the message, click on the desired row to open the contents of the message so you can respond.

Write your response in the response field of the request. 

If you are required to provide the additional information as an attachment, click on “+Add” under “Decisions, other documents and attachments”. Write a description of the attachment in the field that opens. You can upload the attachment by clicking on “Upload file”. The supported attachment file types are PDF, JPG, PNG and TIF. The maximum attachment size is 5 MB.

On the “Contacts” page, you can see when the state of your declaration has changed in Customs' system, e.g. when Customs

  • registered your declaration 
  • accepted your declaration
  • released the goods for a customs procedure.

Responding to a hearing request

Under “Summary and submission”, a message button will be displayed if Customs has sent you a proposed decision for hearing and is requesting a response. Click on the message button to display the contents of the message. First, there is the hearing request sent by Customs as well as the proposed decision and below them, the section “Response”.

Fill in the section “Response”. By clicking on a radio button, choose whether you accept the proposed decision or whether you disagree. If you do not agree, provide a free-form account in the text field, explaining why you do not accept the proposed decision.

To support your explanation, you can send additional documents to Customs by clicking on “+Add attachments”. Finally, send the response by clicking on “Send”.