Declaration search

You can search for declarations in the tab “Advanced search” in the top right corner of the front page.

Declaration search with MRN or other reference
You can search for a declaration e.g. with an MRN. You can also use trader reference or additional reference for the search. Enter the search criterion and select the desired transaction channel from the drop-down menu. If you are searching for a declaration lodged with a message, select “Other transaction channels”. The search results will be displayed when you click “Search”.

Search results
If the reference you entered is found in the system the search results will display all those declarations that contain the search criterion value, e.g. the beginning of a reference. The results are shown as a list that you can sort and filter. Image of a search result. Search result filtered by MRN or other declaration reference. The following are displayed as the search result: MRN, declaration state, trader reference, declaration, procedure, declarant and last change.

You can add and edit search criteria and update the search results by clicking “Search” again.

Search with other search criteria

If you want to search for a declaration with other search criteria than MRN or other declaration reference, choose the appropriate search criterion from the drop-down menu. Note that the form of the search value to be entered depends on the chosen search criterion. Other possible search criteria are: lodgement time, role of authenticated trader in declarations, declaration, additional declaration type, identification number of other declared trader and identification of warehouse. You can also search for declarations lodged by you.

Search with several search criteria

If you want to limit the number of search results, you can use several search criteria at the same time. More search criteria will be displayed when you click the  ”+Add search criterion” button. You can then choose a search criterion from the drop-down menu and enter or choose a search value. Note that if you choose “MRN or other declaration reference” as the search criterion, you cannot add other search criteria.

Search with the role of authenticated trader 
A search with the role of authenticated trader displays the authenticated trader’s declarations depending on the trader’s role in the declarations. If the search criteria are too wide, a time-out error may occur during the search. This depends on the number of declarations in the database. If there is a large number of search results, the service displays the first 1 000 results. In such case you’ll have to narrow the search criteria.
When you are searching for declarations with other authenticated trader, you are asked to enter the identification number of the trader.

Removing search criteria
You can remove a search criterion by clicking “Remove”. If you click “Delete criteria”, all the search criteria you have chosen will be removed and you can start the search from the beginning.

A pop-up window will check that you want to remove all the search criteria. If you want all the search criteria to be removed, click “OK”.

Transaction channel as search criterion 
If the declaration has been submitted in the online service, you can search for the declaration using the MRN or another reference. If the declaration has been submitted via message exchange, you can only search for the declaration using the MRN.

Enter the MRN and click ‘Search’. If the system does not find the declaration in the online service, you will see a pop-up window with the text: ‘No declaration with this MRN was found in the Online services database. Do you want to search for the declaration in the other transaction channels?’ Click OK. After this, you may see another pop-up window: ‘Are you sure you want to leave this page?’ In such case, click -> Stay on this page.

If the trader submits the declaration via message exchange, the declaration will be shown when ‘Other transaction channels’ is chosen as transaction channel.

Even if the declaration had originally been submitted by a representative, the declarant can continue to handle the declaration. After this, the representative cannot handle the declaration.