Recapitulative statement – customer with an Åland tax border number

This declaration is used in the goods traffic between Åland and mainland Finland when a customer with a tax border number represents the importer, who is a private individual. In the declaration, the customer with a tax border number always provides themselves as the representative, and no other traders are provided.

For general instructions on completing a declaration, see the section “General information about completing a declaration”.

For guidance, see the first choices concerning the declaration in the section “Åland tax border declarations” on the page “New declaration”.

The sections of the national tax border declaration

The national tax border declaration consists of three sections: “Parties”, “Declaration header” (details common to the whole declaration) and “Goods items” (goods item-specific details).

Each section of the declaration is displayed separately in the service. You can move to the different sections of the declaration by clicking on the relevant button in the side navigation.