Under “Parties”, only the contact person and the representative are provided. No other parties are provided.

General information about providing the trader identifier

The representative, that is, the customer with a tax border number, must have an EORI. The EORI number of a Finnish business is a trader identification number consisting of the Business ID and the country code (FI1234567-8). Apply for the EORI registration from Customs in advance, if you need it.

Contact person

The contact person is the submitter of the declaration. Customs may contact the contact the contact person for further information.

If you have saved your details in advance in the settings, you can tick the box “Use the details of the authenticated person”, and the field for trader office code will be completed automatically in the declaration. If you’re not using the details of the authenticated person, enter your name, email address and phone number in the fields.


Under “Representative”, some of the details will be filled in automatically when you tick the box “Use the details of the authenticated trader”. As default, the address of the Finnish business according to the BIS is displayed as the trader office address details (trader office code “000”). If you have entered the trader office code of some other office than the head office in the settings, the service retrieves the address details according to that trader office code.