Goods item

The goods item details include 

  • additional information 
  • value information of the goods (VAT rate)
  • transaction price

Additional information

In a recapitulative statement for customers with a tax border number, you don’t usually have to provide additional information. When you later select the VAT rate, the service will automatically fill in the additional information code for the VAT rate.

Value information of the goods

Select the VAT rate by clicking on one of the radio buttons. The general VAT rate is 24%, the VAT rate for foodstuffs is 14% and the VAT rate for books is 10%.

Transaction price

Provide the total amount invoiced for all the consignments during the tax period, including the transport costs. The service has automatically filled in euro as the currency, and you can’t change it.

If a private individual is returning goods to the seller, read more specific guidance on the page ”Sales to private individuals – declaration procedure with the tax border number” on the Finnish Customs website.

Moving on from the goods item details

After this. you can view the summary of the declaration you have filled in. Click on “Next” to proceed to “Summary and submission”. After submitting the declaration, the following are displayed: tax itemisation the payment details and a button for paying the customs invoice.