Amendment request

If there is a need to amend the declaration details after Customs has already released the goods for the procedure, you have to make an amendment request.

Even if the declaration had been submitted to Customs via message exchange or via the Import Declaration Service for private persons, you can request amendment of the declaration in the Customs Clearance Service (see instructions: ”Browsing a declaration lodged via another transaction channel and switching the transaction channel" Advanced search).

The transaction channel for the declaration can only be switched once, from message exchange to the online service. When you have switched the transaction channel for the declaration to the online service, you can no longer return the declaration you have handled to message exchange.

Making an amendment request

You can make an amendment request in two ways: 

  • If you have lodged the declaration in the Customs Clearance Service, you can choose the declaration you wish to amend on the declaration list on the front page of the service. Open the declaration and click on “Amendment request” on the page “Summary and submission”.
  • You can click on “Contact Customs” on the front page of the service. Provide the MRN of the customs declaration and move away from the field “MRN”. Click on “Search” and then click on “Amendment”.

The service opens the page “Amendment request”. First, go either to “Parties”, “Declaration header” or “Goods items” and make changes to the details you wish to amend. When you have made the changes, open the page “Summary and submission“ again, where you can see “Comparison of changes” concerning the details you wish to amend. The page opens automatically, if you have the page “Goods items” open after making the changes and click “Next”. 

After this, go back to “Amendment request”. Under “Trader reference” enter the reference number you wish to use for the amendment request. Under “Reason for amendment”, choose the amendment type of from the drop-down menu.

If you assume that the amendment doesn’t affect any charges to be collected, select the amendment type “OIK – Changes to declared information”. The type for statistical amendment is also “OIK”. If you assume that the amendment results in post-clearance recovery, select the amendment type “JAL – Post-clearance recovery” as the type. When a refund from Customs is expected based on the amendment, select the amendment type “PAL – Repayment or remission”.

Choose the reason for the amendment request from the drop-down menu “Reason”.Select the reason according to the amendment type. If there are several details to be amended, select the reason with the biggest impact. For example, if the amendment mainly concerns origin and preference, select origin as the reason.

Under “Reasons”, you can also write free-form text about the amendment you are requesting. This field can usually be left blank. If you have an attachment to support the amendment request, you can upload it.

When you are requesting repayment, fill in “Repayment details”, such as the repayment recipient and the requested repayment amount. If you have chosen “PAL” as the amendment type, you must fill in the bank account details. As the repayment method, choose IBAN bank account and enter the account number in the next field. When you enter the account number, the service will fill in, as the account holder’s name, the name of the business (or person) provided in the field “Repayment recipient”. If the account number is not provided, the repayment request cannot be processed.

The repayment can be made in cash only through a payment order that Customs sends to the bank. In such cases, choose “Payment order/Cash payment” as the repayment method and don’t provide an account number. Under “Repayment recipient”, provide the person’s name and as the address details the person’s address in Finland where the bank can send a notification on the arrival of the payment order.

Finally, click on “Send request”. 

Cancelling an amendment request

If you have submitted an amendment request and notice that the request is unnecessary or made on false grounds, you can request cancellation of the amendment. This is possible only if no decision concerning the request has been made yet.