Amending an accepted declaration


You can amend a declaration that is in progress, when the declaration has been accepted or registered but the goods haven’t yet been released for the procedure. This is possible e.g. when you have lodged a so-called D declaration, i.e. you have lodged the declaration in advance, before the goods can be presented to Customs.

To amend the declaration, choose the declaration from the list and click ‘Amend’ on the ‘Summary and submission’ page.


The declaration can’t be amended if Customs has notified you of a goods control. The trader details of the declarant or the representative cannot be amended.

If Customs has requested an additional document in connection with an additional information request, declare the additional document in your response message to the request. In the e-service, you can also declare the document usign a free-form contact. See chapter "Messages, amendment and invalidation requests concerning declarations and other contacts" for instructions on submitting attachments.

When the goods you have declared have been released for the procedure, you can no longer amend the declaration or submit additional documents to the declaration. In such case you have to request amendment of the declaration.