Submitting the declaration


When you have completed all the mandatory details, you proceed to the ‘Summary and submission’ page. If any mandatory details are missing, you won’t be able to submit your declaration. In such case, the ‘Submit’ button is grey, and on the ‘Summary and submission’ page you see, highlighted with a red vertical line, the page(s) where details are missing and need to be completed. Once you have completed all the mandatory details, you can check the declaration details in the summary and submit the declaration to Customs by clicking ‘Submit’ at the bottom right corner of the page.


Processing of the declaration

When you have submitted the declaration, you see a page with the case identification assigned to your declaration by Customs. If the declaration is accepted, you will, in a moment, also see the MRN assigned to the declaration by Customs.You need the MRN and the goods item number for the warehouse records to specify the declaration, and later for the declaration discharging the warehousing to specify the previous document. You shall also declare the MRN in the discharge notification.


If you have, in the declaration, declared details that Customs' system finds invalid or erroneous, your declaration will be rejected. In such case, instead of an MRN, you will receive a notification that the state of the declaration is ‘Rejected’.